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    Yes, we’ve all been there, SALE signs screaming out to us from practically every window dressing, convincing us we want need this piece, only to have taken it home and found that it doesn’t match anything in our existing wardrobe, and sometimes, doesn’t even fit.
    It’s the Great Singapore Sale again (yay!), and you’re bound to be tempted. But at least this time you will be armed with our pointers that will help you decide if you really need another pair of shoes or if you absolutely must have yet another pair of printed trousers.
    1. Make a list
    Before you hit the stores, go through your wardrobe and make a list. Need a matching top for your maxi skirt, or that pair of coloured jeans? It’s time to pick it up at the Great Singapore Sale. Missing a classic LBD or leopard pumps? Make it your mission to find them in the sale. Your list will keep you on track and focused.
    2. Go with a budget
    Determine how much you are willing to spend on a particular item and your shopping trip in total, and stick to it. Leave your credit card behind and carry only cash. If buying that designer bag or the pair of shoes means you have to eat instant noodles for the next month, put it back.
    3. Avoid shopping on weekends
    Weekend shopping often means stalking someone who has the piece you want, long lines to the trial room and indifferent sales staff who mouth “Sorry all sizes are displayed” on auto. Go on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon/evening instead. Most people have finished shopping on the weekend or are just getting into the work week, leaving you with empty trial rooms and attentive staff.
    right underwear
    4. Wear the right underwear
    This is important. With the right underwear on, you will get a better idea of how the garment will fall, and look on you. Besides, pretty underwear will just make you feel better under the harsh lighting of the dressing room.
    5. Check if it fits
    No, really, really fits. Not “If I hold my breath it does” or “If I lose a couple of kilos it will”. If it doesn’t fit right when you’ve tried it on, leave it.
    6. Do the math
    It may be buy two get one free, but you are still spending for two, which is possibly taking you over your budget. Indulge in these deals only if it’s basics like t-shirts or socks or you’re shopping with a friend.
    7. Will it be an investment or an expense?
    Are you going to wear it five years from now? Or are you buying it to satisfy your trend itch? If you must have that lace dress or those tribal pants look for high street options that wont break the bank.
    8. Consider the long-term expense
    Few people stop to read the care label. If it needs laundering each time you wear it, it’s an added cost. And if you say you’re going to hand wash it, just forget it.
    9. Would you buy it at full price?
    If you absolutely love it and would be willing to buy it at full price as well, it’s a keeper. But if you’re hesitating – even a little bit – it’s best left there.
     Is it you_
    10. Stay true to your personal style
    If you’ve gotten through all of the above with the affirmative, it’s time to ask yourself, “Does it match my personal style?” If you’re all pretty dresses, lace and bows, that grungy tee you’re holding is only going to be relegated to the back of your wardrobe. You know what that means.

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